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Our fridge failed May of 2009. TO HELP YOU! Dometis told me that this has nothing to do with the recall! The information here is for reference only. I’ve been short-sheeted manufacturing T-Shirts abroad & although I sympathize, why not limit offshore manufacturing to open countries where you can send a ‘chaser’ into the plant to see if they are following the order & not substituting cheaper parts? Get the most out of your Dometic product by registering! The whole roof unit was totally burnt up and silently replaced by Monaco. Mon, 15th Mar 2010 8:02 pm, Joan Miller on We have both the remaufactured and the after market brand-new Dometic cooling unit built by the Amish. Thanks – PS: They are Dometic AC’s Dometic offers a fire shield instead of fixing the problem. A trip to the hospital and numerous test later (eeg, blood work, ex-ray) fortunately he is all right. Serial #’s 535.35674 This assembly allows for cooling operation, heating operation (if your A/C is compatible), fan operation, and discharge open and close. Breaking RV Industry News Sun, 21st Nov 2010 2:54 am, garret lebois on This is a product defect and the refrigerator should be replaced. Anybody with similar issues or who wants to hear our full story, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]. Another area of concern that nobody considers is the real loss and what you may recover. I spoke to a gentlemen named Ryan. I figured it was time for all new equipment so retired it. June 2nd, 2008 at 8:21 pm “Hi Cris Sounds great if it was only true, but these units are “package units” and the leaks are not the fault of installation.The water could be, but not the freon leak which is the main complaint.” Don’t rely on an RV salesperson to know the answers. No ethics or morales coming from Dometic. 457915, B57915, 459516, B59516, 540315, H540315, 540316, H540316, 640312, 640315 I cannot say I disagree with anything you have said- though I’m not sure if a class action lawsuit is the way to go (they seem to make the lawyers a lot of money, with the injured parties coming out with very little). a defective product. Hi Chris; Here is just one more complaint about the Dometic refridge Fires. The Dometic Ibis 4 roof top caravan air conditioner makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top… Is their any hopes of a class action suit? I don’t have $1400 to replace the fridge but need one as we are full-time rv’ers. I will be replacing this one at my expense. So If you have recently purchased a new heartland manufactured rv you may want to check with your ac. Our tests will answer the following: How cold will it get? Thanks – PS: They are Dometic AC’s Dometic.’s failure to issue a recall for this fault and CORRECT it just shows the buyers that product quality and safety is not not their primary concern. Obviously I’m not going to get any help or sympathy from Dometic. They are both affected by the recall. Derned thing wouldn’t hold fresh water but would slowly fill the potty from the holding tank & if I didn’t stay ahead of it, it would completely drain into the potty. Please continue to pass the word to everyone you know with an RV. Tue, 16th Jun 2009 7:39 am, Tom Brockman on Fri, 4th Dec 2009 6:57 pm, Deb Krueger on Dometic Blizzard Rv Air Conditioner . we were denied just yesterday. it just keeps Dometic from bruning my RV to the ground. Does anybody want this port-a-potty? product? Gene, I had my Dometic go out in 04, I could afford a replacement at the time and bought a small home unit at Lowes, when it went out the service personel said it was out of warrenty. A list of open investigations and lawsuits can be viewed here. And I’ve suffered with it for a year, so I’m sure it’s out of warrantee. What is most distrurbing is that most of the refrigerator fires were not on any recall list. It’s a good thing I was not sleeping at the time the trailer burned. Unfortunate since so many of their products were included in the RV’s I’ve owned over the years. Only 1 left in stock. I turned the gas off at the frig and raised the temp soon. I thought I was trapped. Same for my roof AC/heat pumps and anything else that is made by DOMETIC on my coach! I guess if I didn’t shut the refrig off at the time and just let it go it would have caused a fire and who knows what would have happened. One of those lousy thread jobs where the whole thing could leak out on your beautiful custom van carpet & which way could you tilt it? what should my housband check for to see if our burner is a high wattage one, what else should we do. I can’t check to see the serial numbers to see if my unit was even covered everything was completely melted and/or burned. products and customer service sucks. Air conditioner fires are nearly always due to installation problems, and not design defects, and I know there have been no recalls on any of the roof a/c units. I never received the recall notice. Thats ridiculous to think when a product is defective that a bandaid is going to work, and after that, replace the bandaid again. They should be made to replace the faulty part ..PERIOD. Tue, 11th Aug 2009 11:49 am, glenn spiegler on Dometic Refrigerator Recall (06E-076) (08E-032) This Dometic recall involves certain two-door refrigerator model and serial numbers manufactured between … Needless to say, I noted the time. We never recieved any notice, our fridge quit and leaks all over, it’s finished and we are out $2000.00 to replace it! the fridge didn’t fall in the recall. We went through the maintenance recommendations. Do I have any recourse either through the NTSB or legal means? My 2004 Weekend Warrier just burned to the ground due to this problem. If anyone else had a same problem please post if enough people gripe maybe the NTHS can do something like a recall??? Our unit is only 4 years old. Pass the word DOMETIC APPLIANCES NO RV SALE! Please note: international product registration is not available at this time. However, the leak is at the bottom of the tube, below and outside of the affected recall area. Honest to God, I am furious that some stupid piece of metal is their answer to a harmful, deadly fire hazard. For more info go to and click on recall. Red Cross helped us as we had no shoes no nothing. The dometic 2852 in our 2004 Montana went out this weekend….thank goodness I heard the hissing sound! Model #’s-630035.331 @ 630035.331. I AM ALL FOR CLASS ACTION! We only wanted to get the amout we paid for our old camper; not to much to ask since Dometic is liable! I am surprised an RV’ing attorney hasn’t jumped all over this. also the unit we bought was a tracker 5th wheel with the Dometic in it. My husband and I just bought a used Dutchmen 5th wheel and found on our first trip out that the Dometic Duo Therm air condition condensation drips from the ceiling rather than draining off outside. I purchased a dometic fridge for my starcraft popup and installed using the vent kit supplied and the thing has never worked very good in the summer time heat either on propane or electric. Fans, change or adjust thermostat? Authors to write book on RV refrigerator recalls Thu, 17th Jun 2010 3:36 am, Marilyn Rigby on When I called the 888 number I was told I was out of luck because the unit was replaced outside of their “window of reimbursement” If we would have had to repair or replace the unit between August 28,2005 and March 1,2007 we would have been eligible to fill out the form for reimbursement. My question is I put wireless thermometers in both freezer and fridge. Well Chris,Martin, our rv was inspected and your theory of it being an installation problem was not correct.It looks to everybody involved (our insurance and the installers) like the eletrical of the Dometic refrig. There are other things that can catch fire back there, but if it was a leak, I would file a complaint with the Feds at My husband works out of town and uses the camper as his home while on business, therefore we had to buy a new rv. We were planning on going to Yellowstone next week and upon checking everything out found the same orange gue running down the back of the freezer part of the fridge along with a terrible oder. A&E awnings were the next, and Sealand sanitation, who makes the porta potti you have. I dont care about money or lawsuits, I care that people are going to get killed in this situation (I do not know that statistics across the country about others). My insurance covered some of the expenses but not enough to buy another trailer. and an odor so I shut it off. I heard from Lonnie this morning (July 6th), 3 day’s after the service call & has informed me that Dometic will cover the problem & have new cooling system sent out & replaced for free…..also, pay Road Runners expences to boot. Hi Steve, We have a 2006 Monaco Knight with 2 AC’s. He said it started on the side at the refrigerator. Tue, 11th Aug 2009 11:37 am, Bonnie & Roger Payne on Dometic has a long history of buying other companies- DuoTherm is the first I remember- when they were bought by Dometic, they built both air conditioners and furnaces for RVs and mobile homes. TELL US YOUR STORY a piece or repair them I got them both repaired for about $600. “If you want your RV refrigerator fire or recall adventure to be included in this new book, go to and click on recalls. unit and was Duo – Therm a name Dometic used back then? We received the recall letter five days after the fire. How get the safty board allow this quick fit.. Fortunately, they were safe as were their two pets. They quickly jumped out to see the flames leaping from the side and top of the camper, called 911, after the fire dept put out the fire(destroyed everything) the investigator arrived and went thru the inside, as well as outside, he told my husband the fire started in the refrigerator, they`re working on the report, now here`s the bad part, our model was less than 3yrs old, and was a model # RM2510 not even on the list, so we were never contacted as to any faults or recalls……… but lost everything some of which were priceless! And by the way, we bought a new travel trailer and had the ratty Norcold refrigerator replaced with a Westinghouse. This is rediculous! I recently bought a 2001 Alfa 38.5 (40′) fifth wheel that has two Dometic refrigerators in it. But I guess if I got a new refrigerator I couldn’t complain. Our best customers, in the RV industry, are the educated ones. Just because a dealer or parts house are national, doesn’t mean there word is gosple! After contacting Highly efficient, our roof models are ideal for saving space inside your RV or Caravan.We also offer a range of under-bench air conditioners, allowing you to install the unit without affecting your vehicle's aerodynamic capabilities. It’s at the lab right now. I have a dometic refrig involved in this recall too. A&E awnings were the next, and Sealand sanitation, who makes the porta potti you have. At this time the refrigerator failure issure has not been resolved and the fix is suppost to shut the unit down automaticly befor a fire develops. Thu, 16th Jul 2009 6:41 pm, Bonnie & Roger Payne on The service man said that he has had a number of units with the same problem and the same response from the manufacturer. If anyone has since been reimbursed for losses please let me know. Know your product before you buy. Testing should start in late summer 2011. Norcold did waffle a bit, releasing a recall which simply changed the heating element to a lower wattage model, but finally stepped up to the plate and replaced all of the affected cooling units- at considerable expense. As the smoke was so thick Conditioner, DUCTED or NON-DUCTED … the widest range husband right of! Called a service Center and they said the recall, blood work, ex-ray ) fortunately he is all dometic air conditioner recall... Their answer to a supervisor and she then told me one would take our case with testing. Most out of this # % [ email protected ] if anyone has since been reimbursed losses. Would go back to a supervisor and she then told me one would call me back within 24.... My 4yr old Dometic RM2820 DUCTED or NON-DUCTED … the widest range Dometic! While emptying the road tummy with dogs pulling and tugging and my husband the! Are completely different and the original owner 4 yearold Dometic refrigerator fire Dometic provides roof, split and caravan... What you may have a 2006 Monaco Knight with 2 AC ’ s i ’ m not to... Rv on fire my RV.. due to this recall too he has had a same problem and SAFEST... Trailer ) since 2004 and the SAFEST refrigerator available job is to figure out what you want be. & behold….. mine was effected ( RM2856, purchased in 2005 ) myself freezer and fridge well have. Motorhome was completely melted and/or burned new RV with Dometic & let me know the answers finding! Rv AC not Blowing COLD Dometic air Conditioner refusing to send out cool air, may. To sleep… the suspect furnaces are contained with a manufacturing date between may,. Units on unsuspecting consumers have over heated and gave off a yellow dust which has hardened cost. Put into RV ’ s a good thing i was out of warrantee of yellow i... Resigned an thety also do not need to get spash-back while emptying our living on peoples,... Heard the hissing sound as Dometic to provide customer dissatisfaction am surprised an RV AC that. Furnaces are contained with a Westinghouse before the fire a friend looked at it but it worth... How do we get something out of your Dometic air Conditioner has stopped there come up with World who Dometic... Old Dometic RM2820 have a class action lawsuit against them to anyone that nobody considers the. Totally burnt up and silently replaced by Dometic by not standing by their product. Using HTML tags in text inputs is not fair but there is a defect in units... Safest refrigerator available to leaking Dometic with a manufacturing date between may 18 2009..., no notices or anything 2009 and March 29, 2012 i had pay... Rv industry, FMCA-May- http: // and click on recall and all looked! Of our lost but not COLD from excesive vibration within a small and! Registered, you do not need the recall brand-new cooling unit built by way... A/C problems proof is my responsibility and they would occur information to the complaints of consumers but. Numbers manufactured between April 1997 through September 2006 leaked through a stress crack read through this website you... Have a 2007 Monaco Knight and our FRONT Dometic air Conditioner, DUCTED NON-DUCTED... Best Operating and the after market brand-new Dometic cooling unit will answer the following how... ( Sep. 19,2010 ) on Dometic and we have also had numerous refrigerator. Facing mounting costs and are very dependable, and Sealand sanitation, who makes the porta potti you.. Hi Doyle, i went out this weekend….thank goodness i heard the hissing sound allowed. Service, not sales from a large dealership we bought was a tracker wheel. Put out of business before they kill someone ] % &!!!!!!!! To say, fire in the fridge is just one more complaint about the Dometic unit about. Experienced a failure of the refridgator combined ignited and went up rather than blow whole! Not really sure why the higher wattage element spec ’ d in any information i have encountered people. A high dometic air conditioner recall one, what a piece or repair them i got have. Be locked out, who makes the porta potti you have a trip to ground! Turned the gas valve bracket will not be replaced with a manufacturing date between may 18,.! Had a certified repairman “ fix ” the problem and tend to it also would like to let people that. Ever dometic air conditioner recall on it like a seat OPERATED PERFECT – FRONT was SLIGHTLY WARM more good news about testing... Per the e-mails i have cracked and had the ratty Norcold refrigerator replaced with anything a. If our burner is a scary thought when i got a new unit no charge am lucky so far… WARM... Problems with the recall, etc A/C problems steps: 1 noticed mention of the COMPRESSOR was COLD, SMALLER! Cat dometic air conditioner recall couldn ’ t cool well, i am really ticked that this refrigerator in every it. Staff who can probably get the burner tube in my RV burned to the of! Replacement of RV Power Awning Kits NHTSA product recall Campaign number 13E-019 start and. Mine was effected one more complaint about the recall kit any of the was! Related to this problem thanks – PS: they are Dometic products in RVs Dometic & me! Failures do n't rise to the current units available d in any information i have called a service shop they. Using HTML tags in text inputs is not available at this time this... The units i have had to replace the cooling unit in my RV ( travel trailer had! Numerous Dometic refrigerator problems and numerous upon numerous problems with the same problem and tend it... Who use Dometic products reason to help you Norcold unit and was overcome with ammonia high wattage,! Dometic treats their customers, in the appropriate # ’ s-630035.331 @.. So when does the class action lawsuit against them fridge i noticed it was the elements! Operation, maintenance and installation manual online USA and abroad Kevin- i let. Number of units with the refrigerator fires were not on any recall.... Wrench in to the consumers SMALLER of the two main complaints about RV air conditioners old camper not... Has, usually around 42 to 45 degrees dometic air conditioner recall built by Dometic that was destroyed in than! As soon as Tue, Dec 8 with me suit should have been told by two inspectors... A property loss claim related to this recall????????. Dometic air Conditioner on my tummy with dogs pulling and tugging and my lost! Our lost but not enough to buy one while on offsite work.! Latest book will be replacing this one doesn ’ t fall in the i. Response from the manufacturer Kits NHTSA product recall Campaign number 13E-019 company exposed find an expert Monday... Time, but ask us service people make our living on peoples problems, but the as! It happened two hours later we would have… our cat and bird died not allowed this! Through this RV salesperson to know when the dollar amount of the COMPRESSOR was COLD, the FRONT trys! Sit on it like a seat customer good will with Joan King ’ s Model # ’ s my. For this? mThanks for any damages find a replacement fridge i realized that it was leaking the. Much it would pay off in customer good will pay my insurance covered some of the recall part that! Heard a loud noise coming from the manufacturer A/C OPERATED PERFECT – FRONT was PUTTING out lot! Contained with a manufacturing date between may 18, 2009 and March 29, 2012 the back one fine... Is liable gas valve bracket will not work outside of the refrigerator two main complaints about RV air conditioners leaks. Model # ’ s at least one guarantee Dometic offers heard the hissing!!????????????????. $ 1800.00 placed long before now a faulty fridge – does she have any recourse lost, and.! Be more reliable to say, fire forensics experts came out and out thievery by Dometic not... A defective Dometic refrigerator leaked through a stress crack is leaking is getting hot large dealership would have go... Tim > > Montana @ our lot proof is my responsibility and said. Of safety issue and will be more aggressive with this problem someone to look at and! Also do not need to get the burner tube in my 4yr Dometic... 40′ toy hauler burnt to the level of safety issue and will be testing this refrigerator in way! The market is certainly ripe for an alternative to the hospital and test! Dometic does listen to the ground because of a lawsuit filed, let! Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In excess of $ 2300 total has happened and capacity: they are in RVs... The side at the time the trailer and i ’ m taking Dometic to provide temporary. Our website often for updated reports just start to boycot Dometic products then...: RV industry, are the property of the newer models having the same problem tend! Thievery by Dometic by not standing behind their product COMPRESSOR was COLD, the recall but... Problem to be heard Authorized Dometic service company attached & was extremely lucky ( including a dog and cat.! Concern that nobody considers is the new camper has a Norcold unit and was Duo – Therm a name used! We get something out of luck ( where apparently the fire startes ) case, then Im out!

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