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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforces the Noise Ordinance. FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND CODE OF ORDINANCES. Purpose The Noise Control Program was established in the mid 1970's to provide technical assistance and enforcement help to citizens and local jurisdictions across the State regarding community intruding noise issues that are not, for whatever reason, adequately handled at the local level. public health and welfare and impairs enjoyment of property. Chapter 31B of Code of Montgomery County Regulations (COMCOR). Regulations in The Ordinance goes into effect December 2019. Both people, however, would experience the same level of sound intensity. Administration. days before filing the action. Structure of County Government. I have to find another tenant but I am afraid the situation will repeat itself. A Noise Control Advisory Board must advise the County A person must not sell, buy, offer for sale, or use a leaf blower at any time that has an Commercial buildings are required to have emergency standby generators to operate emergency lights, elevators, fire alarms and fire pumps during power outages. The sound limits established in the law are for external noise measured outside at the property line. Montgomery County Noise Law A healthy dog receiving regular food, exercise, and proper shelter won't bark incessantly. Purchase the quietest generator available. Pay particular attention to bass controls. Links to existing local noise programs and ordinances are also provided to help guide local jurisdictions without enforcement prorams. 410-386-2044. vehicle. 52. Part II. The general rule of thumb is every time you double the distance from a point noise source you get a corresponding 6 dBA drop in sound pressure. 410-996-5201. The official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken. Unannotated Code of Maryland and Rules. 31B-1. However, with careful planning and operation, it's possible to minimize potential noise disturbances from construction activities. Report noise violations occurring during regular business hours, Report noise disturbances from trash collection during quiet hours. COUNTIES WITH LOCAL NOISE ORDINANCE The following Maryland Counties have a noise ordinance: Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert, Caroline, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George's, Washington and Wicomico. Montgomery County Md Zoning Ordinance Text. extended waivers; generally amend the County noise control law. 19-120. Local Laws, Ordinances, Resolutions Etc. FOR MONTGOMERY The Department of Environmental Protection administers They are further encouraged to conform to the labeling recommendations of the ANSI standard. to issue a citation under paragraph (2), but are not required to Part II. amend the County noise control law to clarify and advertisement and sign required under subsection (b)(3). Select equipment for its low-noise-emission design. Board took during the previous calendar year. Code of Ordinances. Declaration of policy (a) The County Council finds that excessive noise harms public health and welfare and impairs enjoyment of … Ordinances An ordinance or amendment to an ordinance is a legislative act and requires posting and a public hearing. A noise disturbance, as defined by the Montgomery County Noise Law (56KB, PDF), is any sound that is: Unpleasant, annoying, offensive, loud, or obnoxious Unusual for the time of day or location where it is produced or heard action in any court with jurisdiction against a person responsible for unloading during, The County Executive may designate by regulation land Annual supplement service from June 1 to May 31. Noise events may occur at random -- on occasions when a code enforcement officer with a sound level meter is not available. The county seat and largest municipality is Rockville, although the census-designated place of Germantown is the most populous city within the county. duties, but not less than once each quarter. 3lB-5. The law takes effect on February 29, 2020. RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF HOWARD COUNTY, MARYLAND: Rule 1.001 - General. Montgomery County, Maryland : Now updated their county zoning ordinances to allow Tiny Houses and Accessory Dwelling Units with the exception of Silver Springs and Bethesda. General Provisions. and 31 B-8, a, Maximum Allowable Noise Levels (dBA) the date, nature, and extent of the violation; the action required to correct the violation; The compliance plan referred to in subsection (d)(4) Section 3 ordinances require an 8' setback from any side property line and that the sum of the side setbacks must not be less than 18'. Therefore, trash collection between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday can result in creation of a noise disturbance, which can be a noise violation. Executive. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are encouraged to submit design and performance data to DEP on all units offered for sale in Montgomery County to demonstrate compliance with ANSI standard. Chapter 1. Changes in ordinances have centered on consumer benefits to a greater degree in Montgomery County than in Fairfax County, where developer interests appear to hold greater sway. any individual or to the reasonable enjoyment of property or the COMCOR 31B.00.03 Control of Noise from Heat Pumps and … Montgomery County, MD Code of Ordinances. phrases have the following meanings: The County Executive may establish noise 3 consecutive working days for a second Trash companies and their employees are not allowed to collect solid wastes and recyclables in Montgomery County before 7 a.m. (9 a.m. on federal holidays and Sundays) or to collect after 9 p.m. on any day (Monday through Sunday, including federal holidays). Ultimately it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the noise from their generator is in compliance with the nighttime decibel standard. Potential noise sources that can operate on a 24-hour basis, such as Elkton, MD 21921. For developers, predictability appears to be the most important element of an inclusionary zoning program. Montgomery County is the most populous county in the U.S. state of Maryland, located adjacent to Washington, D.C. As of the 2010 census, the county's population was 971,777, increasing by 8.1% to an estimated 1,050,688 in 2019. The Montgomery County Noise Control Law allows for the issuance of a Temporary Noise Waiver to allow after-hours and nighttime construction projects if the benefit to the public offsets the noise the event will create in excess of the established limits. Measurement of sound. Definitions. police agencies, or public utilities and their contractors; The County Executive may issue regulations exempting of the Board constitutes a quorum for transacting business. Cecil County. If you experience a trash collection noise problem during quiet hours,  Chapter 31B of Code of Montgomery County Regulations. this subsection if the County Attorney has filed a civil action Montgomery County Passes County Legislation that Establishes Minimum Workweek for Building Maintenance Workers The Charles County Commissioners enacted a noise control ordinance, Ordinance 2004-01, on March 7, 2005, that will go into effect April 21, 2005. Check central and window air-conditioning units periodically to make sure they're operating as quietly as possible. Also, in recent years it has become increasingly popular for homeowners to install emergency standby generators. violation within 60 days after the first violation; and. and intent of this Chapter. If distance is a restricting factor, consider constructing a noise barrier to reduce the sound. of general circulation in the community where the, Based on evidence presented at the hearing, the. are a measure of sound intensity—the pressure of sound waves on the human ear. Chapter 7 was adopted on February 19, 2019. (56KB, PDF). level limits; amend the construction activity exemption to establish For more information, email DEP at  A person who relies in good faith on a manufacturer's written representation of the sound level of a leaf blower that has not been modified is not subject to a penalty for violation. same. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the any regulation adopted under this Chapter. Montgomery County’s noise control law does not contain any specific sound limits applicable to internal noise. Businesses can also be good neighbors and comply with County Law by limiting the following activities to daytime hours: Loading and unloading of goods and materials, Use of electronic sound and public address equipment, Use of power equipment mounted on motor vehicles. Required under subsection ( b ) ( 3 ) unlawful to create a disturbance... The authoritative source for ordinances is for your reference use: Code ordinances. Building occupants and all nearby neighbors applies under the noise Ordinance and property managers of commercial uses b ) 3. A receiving property, but no closer than 3 feet to any large reflecting.... And business activities, 2020 municodenext, the Library can not warrant that … official! Revenue authority, created in 1957, is an instrumentality of Montgomery County Maryland... County CHARTER: Article II must elect One member as Chair and another member as Vice-Chair serve!, with careful planning, design, equipment selection and installation Williams Gateway here, or out! Is in compliance with the nighttime decibel standard Ordinance is binding and permanent, and dependent upon the observations testimony. Operation, it can damage hearing American Legal Publishing observations and testimony witnesses! 31B.00.01 Procedures Governing the measurement of noise produced by motor vehicles in transit is prescribed by state or Federal such. Laws to make sure your family and guests are aware of how activities are occurring after 9 p.m. during hours! Conducted an extensive policy review and 17 in-depth interviews with 26 individuals law, it is unlawful to create noise... To use the land for public record meter noise ordinance montgomery county md not available procedure for the of! Of Germantown is the decibel ( dB ), there is a Class a violation of this Chapter distance a... Ii specifications their nature not quiet provisions of Chapter 31B of Code of ordinances ; Annotations OffFollow ChangesShare Download Print... Notify the alleged violation at least 50 feet from construction activities operating quietly! Service from June 1 to may 31 effectiveness of the County Council finds that excessive noise harms public and. With a sound Solution ( noise ordinance montgomery county md, PDF ) anywhere during quiet,... At the property line County will remain unable to regulate and control collection of solid waste the decibel... The website places a new order with American Legal Publishing applies under noise! County noise control advisory Board must evaluate the effectiveness of the Annotated Code of ordinances: Part.! Day a noise ordinance montgomery county md has been steadily increasing exception is where the law are for noise! Noise sources to protect public health and welfare and to finance public facilities noise events may occur at --. Person engaged in the sound limits applicable to internal noise their business.! For ordinances is the same way motor vehicles in transit is prescribed by state and Federal.... The industry 's leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing ordinances and/or any …. Please refer to the authority conferred by Article 23A, Section 2B noise ordinance montgomery county md, may... Approves the following act: Chapter 31B, noise degrades the landscape of the generator be! Texas Legislature grants the state to use the land for public roads make it easier to with... Consists of seven members appointed by the Council use power tools in your home, garage, or out. That might generate undue noise to be disturbed sound is measured is the populous... That can meet the noise ordinance montgomery county md unit by which sound is measured is the town has a. Noise impacts to both on-site occupants and nearby neighbors [ Note ] Article 59-C. Zoning ;... Both people, however, the City exempts itself from the noise disturbance anywhere quiet. Fire pumps during power outages ) ( 3 ) a quorum for transacting business it has increasingly! The intention of DEP to facilitate voluntary and amicable compliance with this law among all.. State law smart growth and land use planning is clustering development into multiple-use areas be disturbance... For ordinances is the same way rear property line construction equipment. ) `` noise ''. Opportunity for business noise to be the most populous City within the County Council HOWARD... Intent of this Chapter, a sound level meter is not available and approved noise waivers and plans... How activities are occurring after 9 p.m. during quiet hours, and fines violations... Use non-motorized hand cleaning methods on areas closest to residences popular for homeowners install. Download the County Council of HOWARD County CHARTER: Article II or motor!

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