£115. Eminence makes a lot of loudspeakers in their 12″ range that throw a lot of wind. This is one of the nicest sounding and non-offensive speakers on the market! The Tonker has a tighter low end than the Texas Heat or Wizard but allows all the high end to come through. While 101 decibels is not the loudest on this list, it’s still one of the loudest 12″ guitar speakers in the World. This is easily one of the lightest 12″ guitar speakers on the market thanks to its lightweight Neodymium magnet design. If it sounds good it is good. please look at all pics for details. Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex 12" Guitar Speaker with Hemp Cone, 50 Watts at 8 Ohms 4.7 out of 5 stars 313. The Eminence Tonker is an interesting speaker. Reduced Price. These speakers are very light, made by Jensen, and sound amazing in my Fender Tone Master Twin. Celestion Greenback or Celestion Vintage 30? The high frequencies never get too bright either. Add to Basket. The Man O War is part of the Red Coat series voiced for more of an English tone. If you want to keep the chime of your amp and make the amp much louder this is the speaker you want. I found listings of this rated at 100.5 dB as well as 101.0 dB so depending on where you read the specifications it could be higher up on this list. GT12-8 100W 12 Inch Guitar Speaker. Power rating: 160 W. £269. This would be one of the best speakers if the volume is critical. Since the 1950s speaker design hasn’t changed much, if at all. Back in the day, this speaker was stock fitted into the White Lightning Hot Rod Deluxe. This speaker will suit anything from Jazz, Blues, Country, and Rock. Generic electronics Vintage Speaker HP 30cm 12" lead guitar BASS 8ohms Bon état . Warehouse Guitar Speakers PO Box 352 Paducah, KY 42002. 98dB. The Jensen 12″ Tornado Classic 100 is a very viable option for many types of musicians wanting to cut the weight down in their amplifier. Add to cart The GT12-8 is manufactured by EMINENCE. $100 - $150. Celestion G12 EVH 12" 20-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 15 Ohm 12" Guitar Speaker, 20W, 15 Ohms, 75Hz-5kHz $149.00. Product page Laney Only 2x12 Guitar Cabs of Laney . Jun 17, 2010 #13 10's are the new 12's!! The way I have sorted this list is by speaker efficiency. Neodymium speakers are by far the lightest 12″ guitar speakers you can find. Reactions: zwiefldraader. For those looking for an American sounding speaker, this is a total no-brainer! 10" and 12" speakers are, in guitar terms, equally full-range and can be equally loud if the 10" has a bit more cone travel than the 12" speaker they replace. There’s a lot to like about the Cannabis Rex. These programs are designed in a way for the website to earn an income by using the links provided on this website. $79.00 $99.00 Qty. $143.14. Not only is it very efficient (loud) it’s a superior upgrade to any amplifier. This is a list of the top 10 loudest 12″ guitar speakers. To my Ear, the Wizard sounds like a mix between the Texas Heat and Swamp Thang. This is the loudest guitar speaker Eminence actually makes. Coming in at third (but actually an equal second) is the Eminence Hempdog. If you want to sound like a legend, play one. 12" Guitar Speaker with Neodymium Magnet, 4.2 lbs., 60W, 16 Ohms, and 75Hz-5kHz Frequency Response $160.00. item 5 Seismic Audio 12" GUITAR SPEAKER … Free shipping. Recent Blog Posts. Not only will the Jensen Classic 100 sound great in something like a Fender Twin, but it will also sound great for Marshall or Mesa amps. 12" WOOFERS & GUITAR-BASS SPEAKERS NEW Beyma 12MCB700 High Power Mid-Bass / Bass Speaker That Handles 700 Watts AES NEW B&C 12FCX76 350 Watt AES 12" Coaxial Speaker With One Magnet Assembly For Precise Time Alignment NEW Faital Pro 12XL1200 1,400 Watt AES 12" Subwoofer Speaker $200 - $250. Rated 5.0/5 Stars (5) Compare. This would be a nice upgrade from the stock speaker in a Fender Blues Junior. The Eminence Man O War speaker is one of the hidden gems of the Eminence lineup. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support. The Best Fender Princeton Reverb Speakers, The 6 Best Speakers for a Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Amplifier, The 6 Loudest 10″ Guitar Amplifier Speakers. Coming in at the #2 spot this speaker packs a serious punch! Celestion Greenback or Celestion Vintage 30? Speaker magnets come in all shapes and sizes. This speaker is one of the best upgrades for a Fender Blues Junior or Super-Sonic 22. This speaker has a tight mids sound and warm low-end reminiscent of the Celestion Gold. More Info The Celestion G12M Greenback is the original ceramic magnet 25-watt 12-inch guitar amp speaker that brought the sound of rock’n’roll to life. Power rating: 40 W. Impedance: 16 Ohm. The Eminence Wizard is one loud mofo! Deliver To Home . After owning a few of these speakers over the years, it will make a big difference to the weight of any guitar amplifier you put them in. For contiguous USA shipments only. This is a great speaker upgrade for a Marshall DSL40CR or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I don’t know any bass players in my circles not using these lightweight options. If you are not sure what the rating is in your amplifier please check my. Software: STEP / IGES, Rendering, Rendering, Rendering, Categories: Hobby, Just for fun, Tags: celestion, guitar, speaker, 41 Likes. A Guitar Speaker Resource Website - Choose the Correct Speaker the First Time! This item is in great condition and in working order. View All. 12" 8-ohm Eminence® direct replacement guitar speaker; Fits Deco-Tone™, Blues Deluxe™, Blues Deville™ 212, Blues Junior™, Hot Rod Deluxe™/DeVille™, Pro Tube Twin®, and '65 Twin Reverb® amplifiers The Hempdog will suit Fender and Marshall tones alike and will be also a decent speaker for taming the top-end chime of a VOX. The Celestion Century is hard to find brand new but they do pop up from time to time on places like eBay or places like Craigslist or Gumtree. It has a chunky low end and a smooth high end. I would recommend this for amplifiers with open back cabinets only. 8Ω Frequency Response. Another characteristic that was very evident was that the Tonkerlite had more speaker distortion at the same volume than the Tonker. While the Eminence Cannabis Rex is rated at 50 watts it pushes out 101.8 dB! Equipped with: 12" Blue Marvel speaker . The Tonker speaker from Eminence is physically massive. Details. The power handling of the Eminence Red White & Blues is 120 watts which means it will work in almost any sub-120-watt amplifier. Buy PM12S - Pulse - Speaker, Guitar, 12", 8 Ohm 60 Watts. Every +3dB added the sound pressure level doubles. The Cannabis Rex will make most amplifiers sound amazing. International bidder ask for cotation */* Please take a look at the photos for physical condition. Please note: Not all links on this website are affiliate links. Online shopping from a great selection at Cell Phones & Accessories Store. Bikedude. I used this speaker on many of my studio recordings and it made recording the amplifier all too easy. Rated at 98.2dB, this speaker will fill most rooms in terms of output volume. the commonwealth 12 is an eminence 12" guitar speaker that handles 225 watts rms; tonally similar to the jbl e-120 12" guitar speaker; features a large 4" voice coil, aluminum dust cap & a die-cast aluminum basket; smooth warm & big sounding with a touch of presence; slow to break & sounds sweet when pushed ; available in 8 ohms only. To my ear, the Eminence Man O War reminds me of the Eminence Tonker with a hair more chunk in the low end. The reason why there are no Celestion speakers on this list is they do not make a speaker over 100 dB.

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