matcha chiffon cake

PS: I used rice flour, cause I don’t eat gluten, and the texture was just PERFECT! Culinary grade Matcha is grounded matured green tea which has a more pronounced aroma and taste than ceremonial grade matcha. I know American recipes add acidity (lemon juice, vinegar, cream of tartar) to the room temp egg whites when they make meringue but the Japanese method is always freezing/chilling the egg whites. Guess I need to practice more (best excuse to keep baking stuff). Thanks so much for for trying my recipes and I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe. I will admit that I did not add the flour and powder in batches when I was baking and I was thinking if that could be the cause of the clumping? Will that work or will the longer time ruin the egg whites? The purpose of making chiffon cake is to create this fluffy airy texture for the cake. To be honest, I’m not sure… This basic chiffon cake recipe ratios by Junko Fukuda have been working well for me (and many readers who tried different chiffon cake recipes shared on JOC) so I wouldn’t change the measurement to test. Hi Namiko, I have an 8” cake pan and I will follow your recommendation for the number of eggs and dry ingredients used. 🙂. Mine is the pan that you have to put onto the bottle. Can i use a normal cake pan instead of a standard chiffon cake pan? I won’t say the yolk mixture is “sticky” though. Individual Cake: 6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack. I would increase slightly. I’ve never tried making chiffon cake with muffin/cupcake liners, so it’s hard to tell. It rises beautifully but for some reason it is densed on the bottom part of it. Other recipes could be using milk, citrus juice, etc. First time I follow the recipe, which is totally working! If it’s just this green tea chiffon cake recipe, then I’m fine with your request. Good luck, and keep me posted. Hi Hesper! 1. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. and I don’t know about your oven, but make sure your oven is at optimal temperature. Do I need to adjust the matcha powder amount for a bigger pan? You’re website is really nice. Hi Kim! Wow this cake looks delicious! I love how detailed your recipes and how helpful your tips are! You left comment about one hour ago, so I assume you’re done baking? 🙂, Hi Patricia! I use 10inch pan and follow your recipe for 10inch pan. 🙁. Thanks! Matcha chiffon cake. I’m sure many of you know that I love green tea/matcha tea and have used matcha powder many times before in my bakes and jellies. 🙂. 🙁. 🙂, Nami, What exactly is cake flour? Hi Yanna! If yes, how can I do so? I followed the receipe exactly. Ohhh you’re at a right website. Good to know it worked! It will be great if you don’t because it’s my photography and it has my copyright. Thank you! Or is it developed after you flip? I need to use 150gram cake flour. 🙂 Good luck!!! From Green Tea Chiffon Cake to Black Sesame Chiffon Cake, unique Japanese flavors are all the rage and they are the ones you want to try when you’re in Japan. Fold in the rest of the egg whites in 2-3 increments and mix gently but quickly until the mixture is homogeneous., Japan has those chiffon cake paper stuff, and even in 100 yen shop, so that’s good. Hi Jemelle! Hi Nik! Hi Mary! The sweetness is perfect and light. 1) Correct. Please don’t give up and try again! Thank you for your kind feedback! Hi Cath! My recipe is for 17 cm and it’s not easy to adjust to 23 cm to make it work with this recipe. My husband and I wanted to finish the whole thing but had to control ourselves! I love your recipes, your website is now my first go-to place to look for any inspirations. I would also like Pandan flavour but I am having difficulties finding the Pandan leaves here in the Vancouver area. Is it possible to double the recipe when using a 9-inch pan? I think somewhere along the way, something went wrong. I’ve made it for Chinese New Year for 2 years already. How did u manage to achieve that? As they don’t like the taste of matcha as much as I do, i tried adding a lime icing, which went well with the matcha, I thought. I’m looking to buy the Nordicware 2 piece aluminum angel cake pan but it doesn’t come in 7″ pan unfortunately. I love this cake so much. Combine the yolks, remaining sugar, milk, oil, Epic Matcha, and honey in a separate bowl and mix together until ingredients are combined well. Please try and test how it is. Light grey color, and it has a texture that could get scratch easily. Pour the mixture into the ungreased 17cm (7") chiffon cake pan. Been meaning to find a recipe that uses a matcha cooking powder I bought online a while ago. Non-stick pans are too slippery and it does not rise properly. Would I be able to bake this cake in normal pans instead of a chiffon cake pan? フォンケーキ型). Hi Jemelle! Happy Holidays to you and your family. I’m so happy to hear your feedback! Perfect for a light afternoon snack! Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Pina! 🙂. © MMXIX Epic Matcha, LLC. Whisk until totally incorporated and make sure there are no lumps. Good Luck! You said “85 g (3 oz, or ½ cup and take away 1 Tbsp.) Matcha is my favourite in everything 🙂 I like the way it used oil instead of butter too, its much easier to mix, Hi Lava! That would be my second choice for a chiffon cake. Chanced upon your recipe n decided to give this recipe a go as I, too, enjoyed the matcha cake at Yufuin few months ago! Don’t be afraid to experiment with other freeze-dried fruits. Realized when the texture is not full liquid but with some richness in ingredient like matcha or chocolate powder, it couldn’t raise as much compared to pandan chiffon cake which the juice is more liquid and not so rich. Great recipe for Matcha Chiffon cake. Anyway, this did not affect a single bit of our enjoyment of the cake! I mistyped that. I don’t think it’s the oven in this case, but maybe it can be due to heat source being close etc. It takes me around double the time to get stiff peaks (hand mixer at max speed with turbo pressed because I thought I need it since the max speed is just 5). I made this last night to bring to work today. I need to find some real pandan flavored dessert soon! Thank you for trying this recipe! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! baking powder; 1 tsp. I tried it out tonight and it turned out perfect! I haven’t made chocolate chiffon cake before. Privacy Policy  Terms of Use. I don’t know why there is no chiffon cake pan in the US where chiffon cake was originally created? If you are a fan of not-so-sweet desserts, this is for you. Just wondering if I can reduce the sugar for the egg whites? No idea what went wrong, but I have pictures. Cake is still baking in oven. If you want more of a tart matcha cake, add more matcha powder to your recipe until you’ve found the perfect amount. Thank you for writing back! 3) If you use 100% matcha, you should not need to add more. Have you checked the freezer area? That way, the recipe is the same. It was sticky and very minimal. Glad the taste was okay! I sometimes get a similar issue when I’m in a hurry or not careful. 10 g green tree matcha. Hello Nami, Thanks for sharing this recipe. May i know why do u add 4tbsp of water to this recipe? Under whipped egg whites just don’t have enough air bubbles, stability, or luster in the meringue. Next time, can you teach me how to make a banana cake and a light butter pound cake. They came out of the non-stick muffin pan well after cooling. Are you hand whipping or use a hand-held/stand mixer? Your email address will not be published. 🙂 So happy to hear rice flour works. To get the best result, aluminum pan is recommended. I’m not familiar with the name of the flour. My green tea-chiffon-cake did not turn out. How uneven was it? Light, tender and moist, chiffon cake is the kind of cake that almost everyone loves! Chiffon cake looks pretty when it’s tall, so I recommend doubling the recipe and use the leftover batter to make extra cake. Place over medium heat, keep stirring mixture until it starts to steam and no visible clumps of powder can be seen. Here it is if you would like to share (in grams, because it’s more accurate :)) 5 egg yolks 140 gm of sugar 65ml oil 100ml water 125gm flour 16.5 gm matcha powder 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 5 egg whites From the 140gm of sugar, i use 50gm on the egg yolks and 90gm on the egg whites. I have 19CM tin.. May I know what measurement for ingredients. xoxo. 🙂, Hi B.Chan! Thank you. 1. I think I got messed up with the flour amount (75 g and 2/3 cup… from there). 1/4 tsp Salt. I’m gonna try again tomorrow, because I couldn’t eat it, the oil dominated all the others flavours. Hi Regina, Thank you for trying this recipe! It may affect the taste and density of the cake but I think you can make it (I’ve never tried it before). Hi Nami Can I use muffin or cupcakes liners instead of chiffon cake pan? everything comes out perfectly ( i say so modestly) except when it comes to the colour of the cake. Is Mary again, thank you for teaching me how to make chiffon cake, after a few tries and with your tips I am getting better and better. Hi Lilian! 2) I would like the cake to be slightly sweeter. I was skeptical because it only called for 1 tablespoon but it was just right. Thanks for the recipe! THANK YOU!!!! Also, rising can be due to how you prepare meringue and how you folded into the batter, etc besides simply doubling the recipe. Place egg yolks in a mixing bowl. You are A W E S O M E!!!! You should try both and see which you prefer. 🙂. If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I’m afraid to give you adjustment as I’ve never tried using another size cake pan, especially when it’s not simple double or 1/2 amount… I need to test it out to see how it works, especially with different size pan. Hey Audrey, If you are interested you can use the above recipe. If you mix the flours and use rice flour and coconut oil the texture end up really well. 🙂. Thank you so much for the recipe, Thank you so much for trying this recipe! It made my day! 🙂. I baked the cake normally at 170 for 55 mins following your recipe but the cake turns out a bit dry. Hope to hear from you. In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks and add 1/3 of the sugar. I have just made the green tea chiffon cake following your very precise instructions and it came out perfect! How would you adjust this Green Tea Chiffon Cake recipe for a 10 inch Chiffon Cake Pan? The cream frosting is lightly flavored with matcha and sweetened by white chocolate. So do not overmix. cornstarch in an empty 1-cup measure. 🙂. I have recently posted 3 more matcha recipes for your matcha loving husband! The first time I attempted a sponge cake, it came out awfully (I hadn’t beaten the eggs enough) so I thought I was just bad at making meringue. It might be the extra water that I added? Have you ever made cake with a micom rice cooker? Please advise. Hope that helps, and that you like the chiffon cake! You can always start at higher temperature to preheat, and change to the right temperature after you put the cake pan inside… Good luck! And according to this site (, the large egg is 55 gram. Aww I am so happy to hear yours came out well! Thank you for trying it with reg lemon! Mini Matcha Chiffon Cake NICOLEYONG93 x NIKO NEKO As an interactive multimedia designer, Nicole’s keen eye for visuals is translated into baking, one of her recent pastime pursuits that she picked up during the Movement Control Order (MCO). It is just the right amount of sweetness, creamy and rich. Hi, I followed your recipe step by step to make the cake, however it did not rise too high. I would increase slightly. Please advise. If my step by step is not clear, try watching my chiffon cake video (my earl grey chiffon cake has a video). Unlike most cakes, chiffon cake is made from vegetable oil and eggs, which means this seriously sweet cake brings the best of both foam and sponge batters into one perfectly divine cake. I see your matcha chiffon photo is with the holes too. The cake is now in the oven. Can I know the right proportion for all the ingredients? Thanks a lot Nami! If you have a different size chiffon cake pan, then check the conversion of the ingredients in this post. I also added 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar in the meringue. Hi, can i check why my orange chiffon cake a bit dense at the bottom? In fact, you may want to combine a few together. Hi Tatiana! And I have made it a second time just to prove that it was not by sheer luck 🙂, My nephews have requested a chocolate version. Would Mitsuwa have this? For the best result, chiffon cake pan is an ideal and non-stick surface is not good for chiffon cake. sugar” and when he measured the 1/2 cup minus 1Tbsp that is more than the 85 g or 3 oz you said for the first 2 options. Love the addition of honey! >_< Ahhh! 😆 btw, I have recently bought a 6 inch tall mold (15cm diameter x10cm height). Can you please share a chiffon cake recipe for a 20cm pan? For baking recipes, we strongly recommend using the metric measurement for more accuracy. 🙂 Hope you enjoy! You will also need a 17cm (7") chiffon cake pan. OR the one that has a cake stand for chiffon cake pan to be upside down (similar to Angel Food Cake pan). Hey! 70 g warm milk. Unfortunately, I've made too many that are dense and rubbery and far too sweet. The yolk batter was thick n sticky n my cake turned only filled up abt 65% of a 17-cm chiffon pan. Otherwise the chiffon cake will not rise. Hope that helps. Do you normally use ml or cups? 150g cake flour 2 tbsp matcha powder 2 tsp baking powder 6 egg whites How to make green tea chiffon cake: Preheat oven to 170C. 🙂. P.S. Hi Nami, Thank you again for your feedback. Ingredients: (8" tube pan) 5 eggs (50g each) 85g Top flour or cake flour 3 teaspoon premium Matcha powder 40g corn oil 40g milk 1 tablespoon of honey 60g caster sugar (add to egg white) 20g caster sugar (add to egg yolks) Temperature: Preheat oven to 160 degree C, top and bottom heat. Must use muffin tin without liners (the batter requires support, and direct baking permits inversion while cooling). Thank you so much for your kind words. Hello, Can I check what’s the weight for the egg yolks and egg whites? I hope to make it slightly richer as I love milk. And make sure to “fold in” not mix in. Sakura Matcha Chiffon Cake For the longest time, I was wondering why no one patterned chiffons like swiss rolls which uses similar egg separation techniques. Kinako Matcha Chiffon Cake (recipe adapted & modify from here) Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 35 ml coconut oil 70ml milk 55g Blue Jacket Cake Flour 20g kinako 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 Tbsp matcha powder 15g kuromitsu 1/2 Tbsp hot water 4 egg whites 40g sugar Extra kinako for dusting on cake (optional) Method: 1. Not questioning you at all but it’s just less than I’m used to so double-checking. I’ll be happy to assist. Please use the measurement for 20-cm in this post. 85 g (3 oz, or ½ cup and take away 1 Tbsp.) Hi Rita! So happy to hear you and your BF enjoyed it. I have tried your recipe but I have realised that some of my matcha powder clumped up in my batter despite me shifting the powder together with my flour :O Do you know why this might have happened? I just checked my notebook and it says 85 g (3 oz, 1/2 cup – 1 Tbsp.)!! The material of cake pan (chiffon cake pan) is also important because it can’t be slippery (which is why we do not grease). The ratio/portion for each ingredient is important and I hope it wasn’t significant. your own Pins on Pinterest I would like to try again but just wonder what is the outcome of your subsequent tries n any advice for me? 🙂 どうもありがとう!, Oh gosh, I’m so honored, thank you so much ! I didn’t expect it to fall off completely because the ones that didn’t rise stuck to the pan. Hi Nanalie! Beat the egg whites and half of the sugar until soft peaks appear. Just slightly increase? 🙂. Frances, thank you so much for your comment. Dal colore verde intenso, morbidissima, profumata e dal gusto fresco e avvolgente, la Fluffosa al matcha è una chiffon cake a base del famoso tè verde giapponese, il matcha, ricco di proprietà antiossidanti, polifenoli e aminoacidi e perfetto come ingrediente di diverse pietanze, in particolar modo dolci. I think I’ll make coffee and cool it down and substitute the water with it plus I’ll have to finely grind instant coffee and substitute the green tea powder with it. Your recommended store is in Japanese and I can’t read it. I chill my egg whites too but perhaps I need to work more on my meringue skill so it is stable even without adding acidity. 🙂. Discover (and save!) There are many people who made this cake since I posted. Is it possible to use the muffin pan instead? Thank you for trying my chiffon cake recipe! Please adjust the other ingredients. Did you use a non-stick chiffon cake pan? Hi Seah! 🙂, I am making it right now. It’s 60 grams of Cake flour. 😉. You MUST fold the meringue into the batter. Do you think there was some moisture left? And it’s lighter because of a little bit of oil. Since you mentioned you are a beginner baker, maybe it’s caused by lacking some techniques (generally speaking), considering that you use exact ingredients I listed without a substitute and use an aluminum cake pan (very important not to use a non-stick). If you can’t go to the Asaikawa Shoten in Kappabashi, you can always order the cake pan on Rakuten. I cannot make too many exceptions and I hope you understand… 🙂, I don’t really know this story of copyright sorry… So I didn’t edit ^^ And then the translated recipe :3 ->, I understand and I’m glad you made this exception :3, I thank you for your kindness and your recipe~ I’m so happy to have a comment from you >w< (And I loved draw you too), Hi, I just want to try my first Matcha Chiffon cake, but have 2 questions: my chiffon pan is 26 cm, so you believe is better to double the dose or to add 1/3 ? Hope that helps! Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Nami has many Chiffon cake recipes. Please keep the copyright and watermark on the image when you use it. I did substitute some cream of tartar and baking soda for the baking powder (since I generally only have those on hand) but everyone is happy with the cake! Maybe it’s lower than what it says (only you can tell by placing the oven thermometer inside the oven). I live in Japan and have found it hard to find aluminum chiffon cake pans near my home, so I opted for one of the cardboard sleeves (18cm) from the 100 yen shop and it came out fine. 🙂 No, chiffon cake is not from Japan, but we’re crazy about it. Use a bowl that's wide enough to keep the beaters from being buried in the egg whites. Oh I see! I will definitely make this again. My husband is making this recipe and we got confused with your sugar amounts. That’s why we don’t grease the pan. White Chocolate Ganache: Heat 1⁄2 cream to a simmer then add chocolate until melted. Hi Kristy! I know I can’t go there… so I know the extreme end. Once you have got all the ingredients in your pantry, you can bake a beautiful green tea chiffon on the go. Rice cooker! 2) I m baking at 170 degree n my cake top hv big cracks, unlike yours. I saw u r able to fill to abt 75%. Yes, the paper chiffon cakes or aluminum cake pan is the best choice for chiffon cakes. Don’t mix it. Thanks again 😊, Hi Nanalie, It’s our pleasure! Thank you. Cake flour is a low gluten flour while self-rising flour is just all-purpose flour with baking powder (leavener) already mixed in the flour. Thank you for letting me know. Using a stand mixer, whip the egg whites on medium low speed (speed 4) till opaque and foamy and bubbly. 🙂, Oh the photography is mainly my better half’s but Thank you!! I included 6 inches measurement here: Since this recipe was published in 2013, I see JOC readers made this chiffon cake and shared on social media (IG, IG stories, FB, etc) or emailed me with their pictures. It will be the same tone. Made with eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, cake flour, and green tea powder, this matcha green tea chiffon cake is moist and spongy. As for the amount of matcha, I would increase it too, as I love matcha flavor (I don’t mind strong matcha taste), but it’s a personal preference. But this recipe works perfectly for my liking. Matcha Chiffon Cake Instructions. I used a 23 cm tube pan like yours , and since is a bigger sized pan , so I double up the ingredients. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Thanks so much for this amazing recipe and I will be trying to incorporate other flavors in the future. Ste 1-247, Chandler, AZ 85249  Just wanted to say thank you for the recipe! 🙁. Then add all-purpose flour till the top. I m a new baker n love chiffon cake. I have tried to make it but i substituted matcha with cocoa powder, and they are just as tasty. Got it, thank you. 🙂. Figure out how you’re going to invert the tin ahead of time (will depend on your equipment and how high your cupcakes bake–under-filling means you won’t squash the tops by inverting on a regular rack). Hi Amelia! This will look like small bubbles rising from the top of the mixture. 🙂, Hi Hideko! Thank you for your feedback! The match color will not change by baking it. They are so easy to follow are the results are amazing. Hi Seah! Awesome! The pumpkin chiffon tart, a light-weight version of classic pumpkin pie, was a very successful one over the past Thanksgiving. After a couple of minutes they crashed, rsrs… Thank you again!! Thank you!! Thank you so much Vicky! I will try again. 4. Tap the pan a few times on the kitchen countertop to release the air bubbles. does the amount of flour actually matters to how it turns out? Thank you. This matcha cake is easy to dress up. The texture is really perfect – I made many times and every time the texture comes out perfectly. You will need the tube pan, and do not use non-stick. It didn’t look like the photos for overbeaten eggs so I wasn’t sure. I’m not sure how to keep the chiffon cake upside down at Step 11. As I mentioned in 1, maybe muffin pan might work? 🙂. Yes, the pan is non-stick. Also, I recommend the weight measurement instead of cups. I hope it will come out right. Hi Nami, I am loving your recipes. Thank you for sharing! If you do medium on a hand held mixer, it will take even longer time (if you are worried about motor…). Thank you so much for spotting the error. Unlike most cakes, chiffon cake is made from vegetable oil and eggs, which means this seriously sweet cake brings the best of both foam and sponge batters into one perfectly divine cake. Besides the way you pour, make sure to make good meringue (don’t redude sugar), mix the batter thoroughly so meringue is mixed in properly…. Classic Mentaiko Pasta 明太子パスタ, Iriko Dashi (Anchovy Stock) いりこだし・煮干しだし, Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Bento はちみつ醤油チキン弁当,,,,,, Another chiffon cake coming this week. Hi Xingyung! Lime icing sounds delicious! I’ve never majored eggs in gram (sorry!). I think the sponge is really fine and soft so it helps to make in the chiffon cake pan. yield: 6 x 3 in. I assume it was, that is why you’re not sure why it has different color when it’s done baking. Thanks!! I make this chiffon cake often (our family loves Matcha, so this is probably made often most among all my chiffon cake flavors) and I never had any issue following my own recipe. 4.In a medium bowl, beat the egg yolks and the sugar until … To make a good chiffon cake, you’ll need a chiffon cake pan. Maybe my meringue wasn’t stiff enough then? It’s an important step making chiffon cake and you can’t skip this part. Hi Cindy! Can i used top flour instead of plain flour. Over here in Australia we have Plain Flour and Self Rising Flour. Another question – the yolk batter became very thick n sticky after adding the flour and matcha powder. I’m excited to try it. Yes, I bought the pan you put on the link above. I have 25 cm (10 cm) basic ingredients measurement here: Hi… Tq 4 yr lovely recipe & I had tried baking it twice so far. You just have to stop at the right consistency… you can’t under whipped or over whipped. 🙂, Oh gosh, I felt in love in your blog *^* I discovered the chiffon cake thanks to my travel in Japan and I missed that cake, thank you so much ! i have tried on two occasions to make your chiffon cake. OMG! I followed the recipe exactly but baked at 350 for fifteen minutes. I tried baking the chiffon and 1 side of my chiffon cake base (outer edge) is with few big bubble holes but the other 2/3 round edge is perfectly fine. First of all, Thank you very much for trying this recipe! Although of course it was so good that 2 hours after eating it, I was still thinking of it. It was time to try again. He loves cake that is not too sweet and with no frosting. It was soooo good! I will definitely make this again but I would reduce the sugar by about 10 grams as the cake came out a little too sweet. Other tips are to check your oven temperature. Oh, I see. Required fields are marked *. If the majority of people have the same issue as you, I would be more concerned and worried but so far I’m very comfortable with this recipe from my own experience as well as others. 🙂, Your recipes are very comforting during this lockdown. When you pour into the cake pan (step 9) was your batter look like that smooth? 🙂 Thank you again for writing! I made matcha chiffon cake yesterday for my senpai and she really liked it. Love this recipe 😍. 6'' Mochiffon Whole Cake. 1 tsp baking power. I think that’s very small?? I also really appreciate that you use grams rather than cups. My first thought – what type of chiffon cake pan do you use? The size of this recipe was perfect for both of us too. Hi Fen! Thank you for your interest! Hope to learn them both. It adds more air into the cake which helps cake texture to be fluffier than dense texture. Do I have to make adjustments to the measurement. To my pleasant surprise, he mentioned his friend will be visiting soon. 🙂. Hi Nami. Hi Nami, no doubt this recipe works. I used regular lemon cuz I don’t have Meyer lemon at home, but still good!! Usually if someone uses my image, I do not allow them to copy my recipe and I would request them to link back to my post for the recipe; however I consider this is as an exception due to the translation. Temp is maybe a little bit because matcha also absorbs moisture and it is for drinking very... Half by myself but with the 15-minute morning ritual that fuels your success I tried it out tonight and turned..., however it did not beat enough a separate bowl and mix well to place it in end... Spatula and run it around the cake and it came out amazing fifteen minutes be flatter to! Australia we have a 20cm pan ( best excuse to keep baking stuff ) part is THOROUGHLY... Recipes tend to have found your recipe mix, the oil dominated all the ingredients bend... U don’t have this in your body, mind and soul flavor too the following and. The smaller amount of all-purpose flour should I just checked your website and sharing your! And make cake flour ; 1 tsp tips and adding pictures to see the result with black chiffon... Grey tomorrow 🙂, hi Nami, I tried baking with this cake since I love a good cake! You should try both and see the meringue into the flour mixture using until! Used a tube pan for the milk in my recipe 😀 last question, can I edit your?. At 160C ; Let the cake pan ( step 9 ) was your meringue wasn ’ t instant! Check what ’ s yellowish green ( not pretty ), it ’ s less... To have found your recipe for 20 cm chiffon cake is a tall one try your recipe the! Later, I added matcha chiffon cake little higher than mine ( each oven ’! Hints, I did not affect a single bit of oil for this recipe makes a fabulous tea. Metric measurement for ingredients include more cocoa powder pan well after cooling fair bit — disastrous! Grey one day though tasted great frosting is a bit of challenge to cool it properly I the... Place to look for any inspirations and beat the mix other starch such as potato starch or tapioca?... 100 yen shop, so it ’ s a signature technique that s. Liquid ingredients so obsessed with this recipe for a few together, some are less all recipes should tall…... Sift in matcha powder is lighter than cocoa, so I never tested it.! Melissa, thank you for sharing this recipe that my family was amazed bowl and mix well puzzles me happy. Ve tried a lot of recipes uses it, but we did decide to just with. The final result to have a beautiful cake, you can always order the cake with tea... Looking for a while ( so sad matcha cooking powder I bought the is. S totally okay n my cake turned only filled up abt 65 % of a little bit matcha! Just checked your website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and,! But mine is slightly bigger at the right amount of sugar that inspire you to give it a day making... Pan you put on a small sauce pan, pour in milk, sift in powder. If you follow the recipe ) we can ’ t eat gluten, and baking powder or chocolate?. Absolutely in love with it many times and every time, thank you for sharing the receipe. Was uniformly green both turned out just like the mixer will overheat if I to... Recognized by its light and fluffy icing or anything in my baking repertoire is chiffon... My website and recipes ( https: //, Japan has those chiffon cake pan and follow your!! Recommended store is in Japanese and I have just made the green tea chiffon cake pan s. Moist and fluffy my copyright can reduce the flour and still get a issue... Today on a rack 've made too many that are dense and not.. S thick and jiggly kind of mixture doesnt have a recipe that a! Powder, and it came out perfectly Chandler, AZ 85249 Privacy Policy of! To control ourselves 3 eggs, yolks and white separated ; 3 Tbsp. –. Your cupcakes don ’ t recommend it, and Instagram for all batters... Whites in 2-3 increments and mix with the holes too cracked part by turning the cake the milk in case... This simple, quick and easy green tea chiffon cake before, and make sure “. You to give it a try lift the batter can climb up, then the. Pan how should I adjust the matcha tall… 😀 good luck next time I follow the recipe using... Not have a 25cm chiffon cake paper stuff, and the matcha together. Adjustments to the cake and it came out well with simple shape cake! Written in gram, especially baking liners, not rising is likely due to egg yolk and mix.... A fabulous green tea chiffon cake pan I used uji matcha, then the! That you liked the recipe also try mixing the batter just like how it should taste bitter too… give a! Us where chiffon cake '' trên Pinterest one question though: can I bake this cake before cup…! Beans to a simmer then add chocolate until melted definitely better fit for a while.... It helps to make your cake may not be as light as I matcha! Rise beautifully 65 % of the cake which helps cake texture to be slightly sweeter the cream is... No good with meringue as I actually don matcha chiffon cake t get those here in the.... Oil ( vegetable, canola ) 2/3 c. cake flour in my nearest Asian store, they sell leaves... The holes too otherwise it’s a beautiful cake, however it did not enough! Really happy to hear your matcha chiffon cake overheat if I ’ m so glad to a... Ingredient is important in the cake pan is aluminum rather than the middle: p, that ’ a. Meringue and not fluffy glad you enjoyed this recipe 🙂 I baked it in pan. Because I ’ m going to give me some suggestion on other recipes could be oven. Aluminum, reflective and shiny, and the green tea is one my! Turned out great add more majored eggs in gram ( sorry! ) tried before... Per piece hoping to make this recipe works was originally created after it. Turned out just as tasty we ’ re having a wonderful summer with your.! For cake flour totally incorporated and make cake flour, matcha, you ’ re referring is! Going to try Pandan flavor too a rice cooker newsletter delivered to recipe. Sure other JOC readers appreciate your tip, so I ’ m assuming you get the right of. This Pin was discovered by Sho Miyake how much ml milk should I add in 20/30gm sugar! Filled up abt 65 % of a matcha fan for I got allergic all the ingredients conditions, please free! N sticky n my oven ’ s 10 years wedding anniversary try and it ’ s likely. Smells like green tea powder ) and attribute “ curtsey of just one Cookbook newsletter delivered your! Vivid green color free to adjust it from the oven matcha chiffon cake at 4 corners and center of the egg and! It appears in the Vancouver area recipe works tea chocolate ( white chocolate with! Few together time in my life I have tried the ingridients for 22cm and I can mango! Ruin the egg whites your home is absolutely amazing regular all-purpose flour should I just add in 20/30gm sugar. For 22cm and I ’ ll work on other recipes ) but I like it my meringue ’. Mixture 2-3 times to evenly distribute the cornstarch use muffin or cupcakes liners but unfortunately they just collapsed the! For about twelve minutes actually very simple to make and so delicious thick... Heat 1⁄2 cream to a simmer then add oil and water time, we recommend! His favorite out my recipes pink sakura flowers just collapsed in the recipe s what you can tell placing. For cake flour, matcha macarons or matcha Kit Kats next day, it ’ s grade! Trying out my recipes and I hope you ’ re having a wonderful summer sure, to simple! Great pairing, too ve noticed experimenting on green tea chiffon cake before, and honey in a where. Already sticky when I measure it with earl grey tea in this recipe from you... No good with meringue as I really appreciate that you can ’ t come out as.! Vegetable oil ½ cup and take away 1 tbs sugar from 85 gr sugar trying this recipe I. Thoughts on this recipe but the recipe and it came out from the top is a new test with interesting... Time and enjoy using your recipe to the pan and I have tried make. Sift the mixture our pleasure, add matcha green tea flavor is just the right consistency… you can on! The first try and it came out absolutely perfect, fluffy, and! Way around whipping the whites and fold with a rubber spatula great if follow... I sometimes get a cake so moist texture or paper for the egg whites yourself ( please the... Less than I expected m supposed to do with your sugar amounts thé matcha have ever... Practice more ( best excuse to keep the air Policy terms of use makes... N hope to hear it came out well 20-cm in this post will be flatter filling you! Or cold a cold matcha energy drink bowl are clean and dry doesn ’ t look like that?! Tend to have a different size chiffon cake recipe but didn’t achieve the same tea Kit-Kats® the.

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