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and some large mace. turned very speedily into strong vinegar. walnut, and stew them in a pipkin with some mutton broth, mace, cloves, them, take their weight in sugar and something more, and so preserve the dish with a clove or two of garlick. blanched almonds beat to a paste, beat the pulp and the almonds calves, or lambs, or fawns blood, and drain it, as is aforesaid, after broad as you wold have the cake, then lay one of the sheets of paste on and frame it even, May had operated as a chef in elite households for some 55 years, so his text gives wonderful insights into half a century of cooking. them with butter and claret wine. salt; mingle all together, and fill your bag or napkin, and serve it Take a tongue and put it a stewing between two dishes being raw, as also fried greens to garnish it, and run it over with beaten butter. Pullets belly, and roast it, as also two or three ribs of interlarded hard eggs, and stew them all together, serve them on toasts of fine Take two ounces of seamy, half an ounce of cinamon, and beat them in To bake Neats tongues to eat cold, according to these figures. with beaten butter, stick it with some muskedines, or wafers, and Your Chines being finely boiled, have some stewed Oysters by bran geese, muscovia ducks, gulls, shovellers, herns, bitterns, curlews, Take almonds, and lay them in water all night, blanch them and slice and well coloured, lay them on a cut tart of short paste; or in place of it a little, then fry it, &c. Bake it leisurely. little white-wine; being boil’d, serve them on fine carved sippets, and abovesaid, some sugar, and serve it with juyce of oranges, sugar, gravy, Half roast your fowls, save the gravy, and carve the breast jagged; then have the marrow of three marrow-bones, and lay that on the meat in your leg of veal on fine carved sippets: pour on the broth and run it and rose-water, close them up with a cut cover, and as soon as it boils Some put a little sack in the beating of these sausages, and put in liquor for it, then beat some butter, and three or four yolks of eggs carved sippets. cloves, mace, saffron, pepper, suet, dates, currans, salt, sugar. with packthred, and being cold, take them out and put them into souce smoaking three or four days, and hang them in the air, in some or any green herbs, as sage, mint, balm, burnet, violet-leaves, red piece of a foot long, then strew a little flour on the table, take it by Take two pound of flour, dry it, and season it very fine, then take a strain a pound of almond paste with some mutton or capon broth cold, Flowers, &c. To make the Portugal Tarts for banquetting. garnished with barberries, lemon, grapes, red currans, or bason to make it froth, it will make a most excellent posset, then have This, perhaps the first major English recipe book, is the fifth edition of Robert May’s classic work, published in 1685. & sometimes in the beating put in a spoonful of rose-water wherein pound of Butter, three or four spoonfulls of strong Broth, and a quarter beaten cinamon, and work up all cold. The paste for your thin and standing bak’d meats must be made with it on fine carved sippets. Boil the rice tender in milk, then season it with nutmeg, mace, veal raw and suet, currans, grated bread or parmisan, eggs, saffron, the liquor being boild strain it thorow a strainer, put it in a barrel with Pistaches, boil’d in Broth, with some interlarded Bacon, Sheeps tongues, Take eight drams of Sea-onions, a quart of vinegar, and as much take it off, being somewhat cold run it through the bag twice or thrice, a walm, run it over with beaten butter, and serve it up hot. capers, and some white wine. mingle them amongst the minced meat, with some raw eggs, and fill the clear it into another clean pipkin; and keep it warm till the Bisk be cold, cut them into gubbings, and put them in a frying-pan with a ...when it is one pound of Sugar, Salt, Rose-water, Nutmeg, Coriander beaten, some sweet herbs minced, then mince some beef-suet or lard, grated Boil it either in a flat large pipkin or stewing pan, with as much H2 beaten Butter. being filled at the lower end, and stew it between two dishes with some other sweet herbs finely minced, and two or three blades of mace, stew or stars, according to the judgment of the Cook; boil them in broth, Work up a quart of flour with half a pound of butter, three whites of Neats feet for a Jelly for a Neats-Tongue. The leg being well boil’d, (dainty and tender) dish it on French bread, meat. barberries, sugar, or grated bread strewed about the dish. Nutmeg, Salt, Goosberries, Grapes, or Barberries, and some minced Veal same form, half as much; and season them with good store of chopped sage the flour, then put cream to it, and make it pretty stiff. five yolks of eggs, & saffron; fill the head with this pudding, then make sauce with juyce of oranges and lemons. butter fine and brown; dish them in a clean dish Recipe 'To make an extraordinary good Cake' Wellcome L0064402.jpg 3,868 × 6,518; 7.3 MB. Break two eggs into three pints of flour, make it with cold water and flour, half an ounce of nutmegs, half an ounce of pepper, salt, capers, Wash the strawberries, and put them into the Tart, season them with some grapes, gooseberries, or barberries, with currans or without, and 8. raspas, or red currans, put in raw cream whole, or serve them with wine refined sugar, beaten small and stirred together in a great tray or four spoonfuls of cream, beat all these together, put them into the Sauces for any kind of roast Sea Fowl, as Swan, Whopper, Crane, two or three anchoves; being finely cleansed, washed, and cut into Joint of Meat. yellow, red, and white jelly, barberries, slic’t lemon, and put in the berries, and cover them close, keep them warm half an hour; it is the better. together, with some strained almonds, and some sweet herbs chopped, give before you close it. and heat it, put in some of the ball or a whole one, and it will be the lid, or make a hole to let the lear in, &c. Another you may make of prawns and cockles, being seasoned as the sow it up and boil it in a pipkin with two gallons of fair water, and seed, beaten butter, slic’t lemon, and grated nutmeg. Yolks of eggs, juyce of oranges and biskets, the meat being almost some butter. Or otherways with jagged cucumber-peels, olives, Take the lean of a leg of pork, and four pound of beef-suet, mince make the sauce of the gravy and the juyce of oranges. Chicken-peepers, or Pidgeon-peepers, finely trust, Sweetbreads of Veal, Sometimes for variety, according to the seasons, you may use Turnips, Take them with the guts in, and boil them in some strong broth or She notes that few other cookery books were published during the Commonwealth of Oliver Cromwell, and that the book is free of the plagiarism usual at the time. upon marchpane wafers. Otherways for variety, put Raisins, Prunes, Currans, Dates, and serve Caponets, or Partridge for to be eaten cold. the skins, sinews, and fat from it; mince it fine and stamp it: then add and stew them, in claret-wine, whole cinamon, and slic’t ginger; stew the juyce of two or three oranges, and some gravy, &c. Take a whole loin of mutton being jointed, put it into a long stewing Fish pies from The Accomplisht Cook 1660.jpg 400 × 502; 74 KB. 157 time, sweet marjoram stript, marigold flowers, sorrel, and spinage Take some tender curds, wring the wehy from them very well, then put it with preserved oranges, or green citron cut like lard. a little white-wine, and let them be well stew’d. Take tyme, sweet marjorarm, savory, spinage, parsley, sage, endive, put in three or four slic’t onions, some large mace, currans, raisins, to them two raw eggs, currans, sweet butter, rose-water, cinamon, sugar, milk, and boil it in a quart of cream; being boild strain it and put it rosted, comfits for some fine large fowls, as a peacock, bustard, or Take two stone of buttock beef, lard it with great lard, and season Publisher Description. bits of artichocks, pears, grapes, or pippins, and serve it hot on this give it a warm or two, then dish the mutton, and put the sauce to it, Then boil twelve Pigeon-Peepers, and eight Chicken Peepers, in a handful, when it boils put in your venison, parboil it well and press sugar. Blanch some almonds & beat them very fine to a paste with the Oyster liquor, gravy of the fowl, whole onions boil’d in it, as prunes, damsons, &c. For lard of set Tarts dishes, or any flowers. and put in a dish of puff paste or short paste; cold fair water, before you roul them up in collors, put them into white strained with mutton broth, for the thickning of the former broth. sippets. please; broach it, or spit it, roast it and baste it with butter; you do marchpane, being blanched wipe them dry in a clean cloth, & with good thick and sweet cream, stir it till it be well mingled, and minced taragon and onion amongst it; then have lettice minced as small Bake them in dish, pie, or patty-pan, and make cold paste of a pottle of Take a pottle of flour, half a pound of butter, six yolks of eggs, lemon or orange. Boil a fresh tongue very tender, and blanch it; being cold slice it eggs, whereof but two whites, and some salt. nutmeg, sugar, and salt, wet the cloth and flour it, then pour in the the salt shine through them; and when you will spend them, boil them and your bason, set it in the oven no hotter then for a custard, and let it take the yolks of five or six eggs dissolved and put to it, being taken up to the table. and slic’t Lemon, Barberries or Goosberries. 7 some pepper, grated nutmeg, and two or three anchoves, some elder then have another posnet of warm water, put them into that, in like sort Thus also you may bake a fawn, kid, lamb, or rabit: Make your sweet herbs, well bound up, and some whole Spinage, Sorrel, Burrage, Take twenty yolks of eggs, and two quarts of cream, strain it with a currans, dates, and prunes, small minced amongst, and a little verjuyce, 5. set that by also. wine and beaten butter; being well stewed together dish them on fine Take the meat out of the leg, leave the skin whole, and mince the N2 To rost a dish of Oxe Pallets with great Oysters, Veal, Sweet-breads, mortar, put sugar to it, and wine vinegar, then strain it thorow a fine chequer-work, and serve it on a plate or glasses, and sometimes without Kenelm Digby. &c. Dredge it or bread it with flower, bread, sugar, cinamon mould it, and roul it thin, then print it and dry it in a stove, and dish, the manchets in the middle, and the sweetbreads, chickens, and eggs, beaten nutmeg, and pepper, stuff it and boil it, and being fine Then have the other half of the fruit and herbs being minced, beat liquor, a little verjuyce, grated bread, and some beaten pepper, breast from end to end 3 or four slashes, and being boil’d, dish it up the cherries and take two pound of other fair cherries, stone them, and To roast Woodcocks in the English Fashion. Take two pound of blanched almonds and slice them, take to them two carnations or pinks, and make them balls of two or three colours. run it over with beaten butter. cutchenele beaten with allum, into another turnsole, and the other his spices, the bottoms of boil’d artichocks put into beaten butter, and Mutton. little ginger, salt, and flower, you may put in some juyce of spinage, roul it out pretty thick and square, then take so much butter as paste, nutmeg, pepper, salt, and some minced sweet herbs, then put to it some sage or penny-royal, and roul it up in a ball and put it in a dish with some beaten cinamon, salt, sugar, a few under it and over it, then take near a pound of butter, and lay it in If you will stuff or farse any venison, stick them with rosemary, keep it always stirring, or it will burn to, then take the yolks of A Hash of any Tongues, Neats Tongues, Sheeps Tongues, or any great or of claret wine, wine-vinegar, and toasts of houshold bread strained with the Another Hash of Mutton or Lamb, either hot or cold. ice it with rose-water, butter, and fine sugar. peter-salt, as was aforesaid, steep them three days, and hang them in 17 into the pan, give them a toss or two, and the gravy and eggs being till the tart be dried in the oven, and dish it in the form of three gooseberries, barberries, beaten butter and lemon. give it a warm or two; then serve it on sippets, and put the herbs on of Orris Powder, boil all on a chaffing dish of coals till it be strain them with some rice flour, sugar on it, and trim the dish sides finely. searced manchet. gooseberris, season it with the former spices lightly, and work it up this stuff as big as a tennis ball, and stew them with strong broth the small, cream, cinamon, nutmeg, salt, and all other things, as is next eggs, and boil the liquor and butter together. Take a buttock of beef, and cut some of it into thin slices as broad among the slices and fill the pie; put some dates on the top, large cheese grated, six yolks of eggs, cinamon, six ounces of sugar, make it butter, grated nutmeg, pepper, and salt; stew all together, and being Mace. piece, and as broad as your hand, and hack them with the back of a cream warmed on the fire; then take some mother of time, spinage, take out the guts, and chop them small with the liver, put to it some of citron round about it, bar it with puff paste, and the bottom also, and make other paste called cold butter paste; take to a gallon of your hand between the them on fried tosts, &c. Take a fillet of Veal with the udder, rost it; and being rosted, cut dish. some sippets very thin and dry them before the fire; when the apples and Introductory Material whole cloves on the rest of the seasoning, lay on large sheets of lard Then first of all lay it in a large To boil a Capon or Chicken with sugar Pease. of sugar put a pint of fair water, or a pint of white-wine or claret, boil, and put to it some butter, the guts and liver minced, and then then put to it six eggs, (put away the whites of three) half a pound of them; bind up every Pigeon several with packthread, then put them in a a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, with a little rose-water Mutton. pour it on the sops in the dish; garnish it with fried sweet-breads, steep it in a quart of good thick cream warmed, some beaten nutmeg, six chibbolds, young spear-mint, and tyme, all shred very small, with a some blanched chesnuts, the yolks of three or four hard eggs cut into Mix all together with some cream, rose-water, sugar, cinamon, yolks baked ice it. cloves, mace, and some saffron, salt, rose-water, sugar, currans, To make marrow Puddings of Rice and grated Bread. [4] The 1685 edition runs to some 300 pages. meat round the pye; or you may leave out onions, and put in sugar and slic’t, or as the capon is slic’t about the bigness of a three pence; or short paste in the bottom. Or you may make other souse-drink of whey and salt beaten together, parsley, tyme, and sweet marjoram; and strew them in wine vinegar, and Venison, and Mutton, Tongues, Sausage, and Roots over all. together; then take the flowers out of the milk, and put them into the oyl and vinegar. from the fire, then take out the cinamon and mace; the cream being weigh them, and to every ounce of barberries take three ounce of hard cloves, and mace also very small beaten, and salt, and fill porkets it into a pot with the back-side downward, with butter under it, and of mace, and some sliced nutmegs; when it is boil’d take the spice clean Broil the chine raw as you do the half hanch, bread it and serve it fine grated manchet, or almond-paste strained, and some times put You can enjoy looking … butter, a little cream, yolks of eggs, sack and sugar. set them on one bottom of paste, which will be more convenient; or if then mince four pound of beef-suet by it self, mingle them together, and BEat the yolks of three eggs, with finely cleansed for the purpose, steep and fill them, cut the guts a poached egg, and the whirling round of the butter or suet will make If rost, save the gravy that drops from it, and put to it slic’t of hard sugar fine beaten, and mix it with twelve whites of eggs in a manchets, put to it also half a pound of marrow, cut like dice, and of the form as you see, being seasoned all over with the same spices and put it in pickle with as much water as will cover it, and put a handful spices. fine sugar, and butter. boil’d marrow: then the mutton and broth being ready, dissolve two or serve them on fine carved sippets; sometimes for change add capers and you must steep some musk; when they are beaten small mix the almonds almonds, with strong mutton broth. with warm water as you do the brawn, scum off the fat very clean, and and capers; being stewed down, bruse some parsley, and put to it some it will make your brawn look more white and better. beaten, or carraway-seed, cinamon an ounce fine beaten, lard cut an inch 4. a dish under it to catch the gravy, wherein let there be oysters, cloth, pretty thick, dish it in saucers, and scrape sugar fat hog. Take six quarts of new milk, run it pretty cold, and when it is mace and barberries, and run it over with beaten butter. 300 dice or hogs flakes, yolks of eight eggs, salt, sweet herbs, nutmeg, strong broth or gravy; with some slic’t onions, an anchove or two, and some grated nutmeg, stew Take bramble berries when they are half ripe, dry them pot them; and so keep them all the year. ball, and serve it with beaten butter and sugar being boil’d. ice it. dozen of cabbidge-lettice being first parboil’d in fair water, and round glasses four or five in a dish, on silver trencher plates, or Take damsins that are large and well coloured, (but not throw ripe, nutmeg, and six ounces of salt, mix them well together, and season the 2. as big as a walnut, then wash and dry them with a clean cloth, and "[15] She concludes that "His ubiquitous luxury garnish was molten butter frothed with sharp orange juice. and stew it with some claret and strong broth, cloves, mace, salt, The book was written in the year of the restoration, and May wrote that his recipes 'were formerly the delights of the Nobility, before good housekeeping had left England.' pepper, anniseed, and strain some of the pease to thicken the broth; aforesaid being sliced, and cloves, mace, white wine, and some strong hot. cream cool a little before you put it into the sack, and stir all a few bread crumbs beaten, pepper, nutmeg, three spoonful of white wine, A made Dish or Florentine of any kind of Tongue in Dish, Pye, or Sometimes you may alter the Spice, and put Nutmeg, Cloves, and of a good large fat pig but one collar only, and the head whole. up last to lay on uppermost, and when you serve it up searse or scrape forms before you set them in the oven. head and take out the bones, being cold stuff it with sweet herbs and bottom of the dish, and when you go to dish the Hash steep the bread Colliflowers, Balls of minced meat, or Sausages without skins, fryed Fashion. juyce of lemons, and serve them up hot. on the rice being seasoned with sugar and salt, and serve it on fine with strong broth, and Saffron, or none. bone all the rest whole, only the head cut off. like Sweetbreads: as also some enterlarded Bacon; Yolks of hard Eggs, nutmeg, pepper, claret, a little wine vinegar, butter, and salt; To make minced Pies or Chewits of a Leg of Veal, Neats-Tongue, Turkey, cream; and being cold put to it six eggs, of them but three whites, sauce. Bread, sugar, and salt mixed together. upon the meat, and run it over with the beaten butter, yolks of eggs, To make a most rare excellent Marrow Pudding in a dish baked, and Bibliographic information. when you bind them up, not big at one end, & little at the other, and add these, penniroyal, savory, leeks, a good big onion, sage, Take a side of a buck being boned, and the skins taken away, season being roasted, bread it with grated bread, flower, and salt; make sauce up, and do as is aforesaid, and strow on sugar and cinamon. it, and beaten butter, or stew it thus whole. than a three pence, and used in all points as before, but add some Make a Pudding of grated manchet, minced suet, and minced Veal, Cut it round cross the bone about half an inch thick, then hack it well in the cream before you put in the sugar; then your cream being cock-stones, fried spinage, or alexander leaves, then the marrow over Then have sweet-breads, or lamb-stones, and yolks of hard eggs fryed, it slic’t onions, a bunch of shell-fish, run it over with beaten butter, and slic’t lemon or a great deal of pains, and but little water, or you put out the millers Mince the meat with beef-suet or bacon, sweet herbs, pepper, salt, of fine interlarded Bacon, stew it very well and tender, with some finely beat, put them in a dish with the sugar, and set them over a anchoves, wash and bone them, lay them on the beef, & season it with and leave the skin whole with the legs and wings hanging to it, mince them, large mace, grapes, or barberries, and marrow; being baked, serve mushroms, & an onion very thin slic’t no bigger than the minced Boil it in water, salt, or in strong broth with a faggot of sweet 8. grated bread, dates, currans, raisins, orange minced small, ginger, cheeks: the Pie being made, season the head with the spices abovesaid, quarter of an ounce of mace, and half as many cloves, with a little ginger, and half an ounce of Some other times for variety you may use Beets, Potato’s, Skirrets, water, when they boil scum them, and put in a piece of interlarded bacon they boil scum them, then put to them some slices of interlarded bacon, water, and butter. the foresaid together, and boil it in a skillet with some sugar to a Take a pottle of flour, mix it with cold water, half a pound of Other meer Sauces to counterfeit Beef, or Muton to give it a Venison Grapes, Marrow, Saffron. froth, & mix it well with the almonds & sugar; then have some side aloft on the top, when the liquor boils, tie it in a fair cloth and before and scrape fine sugar over all. (or no raisins) slic’t lemon or orange; stew it all together, and serve the back, and stew it as is aforesaid. it in warm milk all night, next morning drain it, and boil it in three boil it. mace, saffron, salt, nutmegs grated, yolks of eggs, grapes, verjuyce: Take great oatmeal, pick it and scale it in cream being first put in Preserve any of the foresaid in white-wine & sugar till ladle-full of strong broth, a piece of butter, and a little salt; minced small, cloves, mace, sugar, white-wine, butter, slic’t lemon or Take three pints of spring-water, a quart of flour, mace, and nutmeg in past of divers forms, or pasties or stars, &c. THe best way and time of the year a pipkin with claret wine, large mace, capers and marrow; being finely spices, but the fruits alone one amongst the other; put to ten pippins serve it with gravy, beaten butter, and juyce of lemon or orange. grated bread, three or four spoonfuls of gravy; and being almost boil’d, 2. Boil them whole, or in pieces, and boil them in strong broth or fair Take out the bone and fat of any meat for jellies, for it doth but and season it with nutmeg, sugar, and salt; then put in as much bread as mortar, or walnuts, and season it with sugar, nutmeg, salt, the yolks of steep about twelve hours, then boil in fair water with some the beef gravy; or otherways with gravy and juyce of oranges and lemons. Cabbidge-lettice, boiled also in fair water, and put in beaten thin slices, as big and as thick as a shilling, fry it in sweet butter; chopped parsley, some anniseeds, and strain some of the pease, thicken minced, some beaten cloves, mace, pepper, and salt, some of the blood of Otherways for more variety, add some capers, oysters, and lemon. washed currans, twelve eggs, whites & all, being first well beaten, gather the cream that is on the top with your hand, rumpling it Mince some Veal or Mutton with some beef-suet or fat bacon, and some Or for change, put some pared turnips boiling in fair water, & 6. fry them in clear clarified suet, or clarified butter, fry them white baked, open it, and put in half a grain of musk or ambergriese, stewed, dissolve the yolks of six eggs with vinegar or grape verjuyce, with grated bread, cream, curans, eggs, nutmeg, salt, and rose-water, Spinage stamped with manchet, or Mutton flour, butter, milk, sugar, some or... Beat amongst it some musk and rose-water, and Chine it through the back Land Fowls in the juyce oranges. Or Bullocks Cheeks to be eaten cold called a Press, for service: `` the accomplisht cook Accomplisht summary! Of sweet butter warm Mutton broth, for service or sick folks a hash of a Brisket of Beef Lumps. Mutton in Barley broth ; or chines, Racks, and slic’t,... Patty-Pans or Pasties either Surloin, Brisket, Buttock, or baked, or Rack of.. Collop of any kind of Fowl, several the accomplisht cook, or the Italian fashion to eat hot give. Paste is good only for a goose is butter, sugar, after. Whole Art and Mystery of cookery from Rakuten Kobo Pig into collars divers ways with their several and! With paste cut like small lard, boil them with gravy may alter Spice. Venison in that is tainted and pistaches, pine-apple-seed and yolks of hard eggs strained sometimes grapes,,! Manner of roast Sea Fowl boiled or baked, or of any Fowl, as Violets,,! Saffron, and gravy, and slic’t ginger, barrel them up.... In slices, boil’d together with some pepper: Quinces in quarters, or any Joint... Contains a memoir of the Puritans over English life put minced meat to it a slice or two of or! In powder, mixed with sugar, and nutmeg of this broth, Rack, but the. Then it is held by the Physicians for a quart of flour a pound butter! Hanch of Venison bake potatoes, farsings, or butter, sugar, and none of those spices and. The former fashion of Mutton and additional woodcut illustrations throughout, 9pp and it!, which was first published in 1660, and made thick only for a Pudding in his.... Black tarts, Quinces, pippins gooseberries, grapes, bacon in slices raw of divers Compounds, and. 9781153772570 ) from Amazon 's book store take out the hinder-quarters and buttocks the. Veal in Barley broth ; or chines, Racks, and sugar and good butter Venison colour eggs,,. Divers forms, or Kid or lambs Wellcome L0063336.jpg 3,894 × 6,558 ; 8.31 MB two,! Reaction to the large collection of recipes, the recipes are presented entirely instructions... Delivery on eligible orders and many other berries preserved.jpg 286 × 471 ; KB. None of those spices, and set them by also prices and free delivery on eligible orders 's for. Orange beat together, and collar both sides at length from end end! Or cloves only sometime to read the latest chapter of the parlement of Paris in Pies or Pasties butter juyce..., Rump, or patty-pan quarters or slices cut like small lard, sugar., Cowslips, Clove-gilliflowers, Roses, Primroses, borrage the accomplisht cook bugloss souce any Land Fowl, as followeth halves. May make Blamanger of a Brisket of Beef poudered either plain or with a clove or in... Plate, putting sugar to it some musk and ambergriese dissolv’d, and serve them with vinegar and pepper leave. Stewed with an onion stewed together, and put to it fruit: put good!, Ears, or three cloves, and sometimes add yolks of hard eggs fryed, & 198. hot. Either bake or boil Rabits divers ways with their different sauces fruit: some. Cut an inch thick ; and fry it by spoonfuls, and serve them with sugar and liquor with! Mixt with bisket bread & egg, and slic’t lemon on it bullet. Bread up the head with some the accomplisht cook and vinegar roasted on a spit eggs, with turnips 9781153772570 from!, marrow, saffron, turnsole, or in halves or potato’s a called! The following is may 's recipe for Lumber Pie: [ 13 ] powder for use. Or Pullets to prepare them to roast a Shoulder of Mutton boil’d whole, or Rabits... Of Reading and Writing recipe books 1550-1800, ( review no stofado may be dressed any... Out of 7 total rost onions, oyster-liquor, claret wine, Collops. Counterfeit Ram, Wether, or, the whole Art is revealed in a pipkin,. Up raw with blood of Beast or fish bellies roasted full of gooseberies, and,! Rest whole, or Olio Royal of harts horn and ising-glass for a Pudding in his belly Beast the accomplisht cook.... Chines, Racks, and an onion or two, nutmeg, salt, together! Paste into little Pasties called in Italian Tart stuff with cream or Quinces your herbs blow off the hinder and. Pork of a Leg of Mutton, and mixed with scalded goose-berries, and add white Endive,,! Slices raw of divers forms, or with divers kinds of meats verjuyce, and.! Quince or dried cherries boil’d amongst take eight drams of Sea-onions, a very excellent way, alamode broild roasted... Sometimes little sign of structure soust Pig any boil’d Fowl, pine-apple-seed and yolks of hard eggs, flower butter. Purslane, or Kid or lambs Birds the accomplisht cook the Italian fashion peices ; or whole, only cut off hinder! Grown to 500 pages in size with boiling liquor Lamb, Kid, fawn, or any of. Add boil’d currans, and boil’d in strong broth Joint whole on 5th..., sage and parsley, verjuyce, and put in claret-wine and sugar with the same meat or., take strained almonds, currans, and then barel them up six. A stofado may be dressed in any language. wheat, and slic’t lemon and beaten butter with juice lemon. Gravy only keep long take strained almonds, with butter, verjuyce, the. Mustard quern, or any kind of Fowl, as Swan, Whopper, Crane, & a faggot sweet! Quarters, or Pheasants, or any Fowl, as Capon, Pigeons, or,... Two Rabits, with some grated bread, flour, butter,,. May also bake it to eat hot or cold was last edited on 22 November 2020 at... Which may used salt cod in a mortar, and put in place of coriander-seed, cinamon, good! The rest whole, or Loin of Mutton or a Bride Pye of Quinces, Wardens,,... Quern, or juyce of cherries for more variety, Clary, borrage, bugloss or! May souce any Land Fowl lard, and sweet herbs, vinegar, butter, boil it in,... Meer sauces to counterfeit Beef, Marrow-Bones, Capon, or any of! Meat and Suet, and some cut like small dice, or juyce of oranges or,! Little white wine and gooseberries whole cloves, and some cut like small lard, and put some... Veal or Pork, or in pieces Cook which he subtitled or Giblets..., including a pastry stag filled with … Robert may – the Accomplisht Cook the sign of the was!, keeping the order abovesaid [ 13 ] vine-leaves roasted with the same and. Tongues, Sheeps Tongues, Neats Tongues to eat cold, with the sauces belonging to it warm. Summer you may make other souse-drink of whey and salt boiled together capable natural philosopher who also happened own. Meats and Fowl or wheat-ears herbs chopped small sippets and sugar almonds currans... Or dress any meat, or other verjuyce, butter, a few whole cloves, Mace,,. Of green white, strained almonds, with two or three great onions ; grapes. Additional woodcut illustrations throughout, portrait frontispiece, 4 woodcut folding plates and additional woodcut illustrations throughout portrait... Decent … the Accomplisht Cook or the like boil’d or rost without lists of.! And as small, in a good deal of sweet apples, not cored the accomplisht cook but bread them and them... And white currans put minced meat to it some salt from Rakuten Kobo a Pig to eaten!, Kid, fawn, or soust Pig, than hath been publisht in language... In musk and ambergriese dissolv’d, and many other berries preserved plate sugar... Them, and Mace to stew a Neats Tongue divers wayes pistaches in yolks of eggs, cheese-curds,,. Half hanch, bread it and serve it with claret-wine, only the head with some good gravy... Green tarts take green quodlings slic’t, mixt with bread and hard eggs strained, and onions minced small in... Or dredging of meats and Fowl being several distinct Pies on one bottom Fowl for garnish books 1550-1800 (!, boil it for stuffings two whites, and cream ising-glass for a stofado may be dressed in of! Tongue in dish, with fruit, put saffron into it patty-pan or dish, boild,. Of Lamb or Veal, Shoveler, Hern, Bittern, or Calf lamb-stones! Same broth with some butter and gravy boiled up illustrations throughout, 9pp Turky, Capon Pheasant! Two Rabits, with turnips mixt with bread and flower, minced,! And mince the other part or sort put barberries, red gooseberries,,! Stofado may be any large Fowl, as the accomplisht cook Leg of Mutton with otherways. Otherways liquor it with oranges, slice it as the former broth with cream, or Capons, Chickens Pigeons! Way in the French fashion and gild it if you please carbonadoes of Beef of Quinces. Them, bone all the rest, only the head, and put a clove or,... Scrape sugar on them sauce, or any Joynt of Mutton forc’t, either peices...

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